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About OTIA
AI at Your Service
Fusion of AI and Monetization
We create essential AI for business success. By seamlessly integrating advanced technology, OTIA enhances operational efficiency and user experience across all business facets. From optimized workflows to intuitive interfaces, OTIA empowers businesses to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. With features tailored for managers, staff, and accountants, OTIA streamlines operations, facilitates decision-making, and drives growth. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to simplicity with OTIA. Elevate your business and embrace the future of automation and innovation. Join the revolution with OTIA and unlock new levels of success in the digital age.

Stable Growth

Our token's stable growth is fortified by allocating 20% of company revenues monthly and leveraging the Hedera network. This strategic integration ensures sustained appreciation, instilling investor confidence. Backed by real assets and a proficient team, our token offers stable growth within an innovative AI-driven ecosystem.

Zero Control

As creators of the OTIA token, we relinquish all authority. This commitment ensures decentralized project management, granting members unparalleled freedom. Empowered by blockchain technology, OTIA fosters a community-driven ecosystem where every voice matters, promoting transparency and trust.

Full Transparency

Within OTIA, everything is transparent including members, founders, products, incomes. Decisions are democratically made through public voting by all OTIA holders, ensuring collective governance. This process fosters trust and accountability, empowering the community to shape the project's direction and outcomes.

Guaranteed Price

OTIA pledges to buy back tokens if the price drops to the guaranteed level, ensuring stability and mitigating loss risk. This strategy aids members in effective planning and reassurance. Monthly, the guaranteed price escalates by community vote, never diminishing, instilling confidence and fostering long-term investment.

Real Value

OTIA stands as a registered tax-paying company with a team of professionals developing tangible products that offer genuine benefits. Unlike other tokens, our project holds intrinsic value, capable of sustainability even without continuous investments, ensuring stability and long-term viability in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Real Power

OTIA ensures real member empowerment, granting influence over every ecosystem decision. All decisions are transparently announced on the council dashboard, with votes recorded on the blockchain for transparency and anti-rigging measures. Council membership, gained with 1000 OTIA, is lost upon token sale, fostering long-term commitment.

Locked Liquidity

OTIA's liquidity pool is securely locked until 2030, ensuring stability and trust for our community. The lock mechanism guarantees that no entity can prematurely unlock the liquidity, providing peace of mind and confidence in the integrity of our ecosystem for years to come.

Real Money

OTIA becomes the exclusive payment method for our business products. Additionally, users can pay with OTIA to enjoy discounts and benefits. This strategy not only promotes OTIA adoption but also enhances its value as a practical and rewarding form of currency in real-world transactions.

Full Accessiblity

OTIA prioritizes accessibility, welcoming users of all backgrounds to engage with our token. Our dedicated mobile application offers user-friendly management, voting, buying, and selling functionalities, ensuring easy access to the world of cryptocurrency for everyone, regardless of their level of crypto knowledge or experience.

About Project #1

OTIA Restaurant Management AI is a cutting-edge project aimed at transforming the traditional restaurant industry by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technologies. This innovative system offers a comprehensive solution that automates various aspects of restaurant operations, making it easy to use for customers, managers, waiters, and accountants alike. With features such as advanced analytics, AI-driven menus, online reservation capabilities, and promotional tools, OTIA redefines the dining experience and streamlines restaurant management processes.


Whole new Ecosystem
Boundless possibilities
Decentralized Decision-Making
Decentralized decision-making distributes power and authority across a network or community, rather than in the hands of a single authority.
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